Data Evento:  03/06/2018

Abiti e accessori griffati e super fashion di seconda mano (uomo e donna e unisex selezionati con cura e donati da privati


“The Sunday Market” è un evento esclusivo, solo su invito, cui partecipiamo per raccogliere fondi da destinare ai nostri progetti benefici.

#findtheorange si occupa di formazione e salute, con grande attenzione alle tecnologie innovative.


Vieni a trovare il team #findtheorange, dalle 10 alle 20.


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Auguri di Natale da #fto

Ci rivedremo nell’anno nuovo, con l’entuasiamo che ci regalano i progetti che seguiremo nel 2019

Happy Christmas from #fto

We’ll see you again in the New Year, full of enthusiasm for our projects in 2019


A Natale regala una donazione di CUORE!

Purtroppo quest’anno ci aspetta un Natale diverso, meno gioioso di quello che dovrebbe essere. Un Natale al quale però potremo dare un significato ancora più profondo, scegliendo di donare degli auguri di CUORE. In questo anno così speciale, scegli auguri speciali!
La tua donazione verrà usata per il nostro nuovo progetto. Regala la tua donazione!


Mark the end of this year by making a difference

Christmas will be a little strange this year, less joyful than it should be. But it will still be a Christmas to which we can give real meaning, choosing to send loved ones our heartfelt wishes with a Gift from the Heart!
Your donation will be used to support our latest project … and it will make a difference!
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Guarda dove è arrivato il tuo aiuto e scopri i nuovi progetti che realizzeremo grazie al tuo 5xmille a #fto, una firma che non costa nulla, ma che può fare molto. Modello Redditi, 730 e CU.

See where your help takes us… and discover the new projects that we will take forward thanks to your ‘5xmille’ contribution to #fto, a signature that costs nothing, but which can do so much. ‘Modello Redditi’, ‘730’ and ‘CU’.




to Milan Marathon 2018



The charity  #findtheorange Associazione Onlus was created with the aim of supporting talented students residing in Italy in financial difficulty, interested in studying the audiovisual and digital arts: photography, direction, digital music and all the areas that combine art and technology. We have since extended our mission and scope to include the study, development and knowledge of health issues, with particular regard to the technology applied to health and the innovative instruments in the sector, financing valid projects and study and research grants to the above mentioned students in the two sectors indicated. 


#findtheorange Associazione Onlus was established by the partners of Osborne Clarke Italy, an international law practice, and is supported constantly by the firm.


Click to read a copy of our Deed of Constitution.


#findtheorange in the press:

#findtheorange Associazione ONLUS

CHT Pavia & #FTO

October 2020 sees the start of the three year doctorate in Health Technologies, Bioengineering and Bioinformatics at the University of Pavia supported by #findtheorange through the CHT (Center for Health Technologies). This doctorate will allow further research on new bioengineering solutions to understand the mechanism underlying ischemia in subjects suffering from congenital anomalies in their coronary system and, more generally, in order to study the circulatory systems from a biomechanical perspective also in other ambits of application. The research will see the collaboration of the University of Pavia with leading clinical institutes such as the Policlinico San Donato. The involvement of #findtheorange, alongside UniPv's Center for Health Technologies aligns itself perfectly with the Onlus' goals, to support students in financial difficulty who are particularly meritorious in their multidiscipliary studies as applied to healthcare.  


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Collaboration with IED

#findtheorange has chosen the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) and its students  to support digital talents and for the academic year .2016_2017 will be awarding two candidates (with an ISEE minimum income declaration) a 100% grant to cover the full tuition fees for a continuing advanced education course in Branded Content and Entertainment.

The course in Branded Content and Entertainment - brand new and the only course of its kind in Italy - commences January 2017 as a weekend formula with lessions twice monthly. The course structure allows students to attend after the end of the working day and will provide them with new skills in the digital and communications world.

#FindtheOrange, find your talent!

In the press:

#fto notizie


In 2016 #findtheorange identified NABA, Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti in Milan, as an educational institution with which it wished to collaborate to promote the study of visual and digital arts.

Riccardo Roversi

Riccardo Roversi

Chairman, Management Committee

"It all started with a simple fun idea for the summer ... trusting that it will now lead to a tangible benefit for students in need "

Judith Paine

Judith Paine

+39 02 5413 1742

Public relations

"A challange for all of us here on the team and I can't wait to see the fruits"

Anna Marinconz

Anna Marinconz

+39 02 5413 1790


"A project that I have been keen to be a part of from the outset"

Laura Cortellini

Laura Cortellini

+39 02 5413 1748

Events Office

"We're certianly not lacking in creativity"

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