to Milan Marathon 2018

Event date:  03/04/2022

#findtheorangeonlus will be taking part in the Relay Marathon, part of the Milano Marathon Charity Program scheduled for 3 April with the aim of collecting funds to supprt the medical research project at the University of Pavia.

Companies and individual runners can bring together sport, networking and a charity, by 'buying' a regidsrsatio for a relay team or a single space in one of our own mixed teams. This is an incredible occasion for team building for companies and a chance for individuals to network, help themselves and help others in a joyous and supportive way ... and to have a great day out! 

All amounts receeivd will go to supporting.- through the University of Pavia's indepartmental “Center for Health Technologies” - the doctorate in Helath Technologies, Bioengineering and Bioinformatics. The phd in question is part of a much wider research project on the part of the Ministry of Health which aims to develop innovative computational methodologies to study a series of congential coronary illnesses. 

and every step counts!


How to register

Step 1: from our home page click on the 'donate' button

Step 2: donate a sum equal to or more than those indicated below as they apply to you

Step 3: we will contact you directly and will guide you in your registartion in the Milano Marathon



€ 60 -  Minimum donation for a single runner in a relay team (€ 40 early bird discount until 31/12);

€ 80 -  Minimum donation for a single runner runnig the full marathon (€ 60 early bird discount until 31/12);

€ 200 - Minimum donation for four runners, 1 relay;

€ 500 - Minimum donation for companies/buinesses purchasing a relay (4 people).


Date: 3 April 2022. Star & arrival: Corso Venezia, Milan. Each team is made up of four runners and the race is divided into four fractions (from 6 to 14 km); richiesto certificato medico per attività non agonistica. More info soon on the website:

Already know who you will be your running mates? Donate to buy a relay team.

Need someone to run with? Donate as a single runner and we will find a team for you (we'll do our best to satisfy your needs but we cannot guarantee a specific section of the race).

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