to Milan Marathon 2018

posted on  06.02.2018

The Specialisaiton course in Digital Marketing and Big data at the Milan IED will start in March 2018 aimed at providing students with the analytical and operational instruments necessary to plan digital marketing and communications activities.


Connexia - a leading data driven creativity agency offering ideation of effective contents and the story telling of the brand's values in a multichannel key - will prvide technicla and scientific support for th ecourse. In turn #findtheorange is making avaalble two study grants to cover the entire cost of attendance, to two aspiring students who will be chosen through the  selection process  - click to see the requisites neessary to acess the study grant. 


The contribution by  #findtheorange, alongside IED Milan, aligns perfectly with the charity's aims, to support students in need, who are particularly meritworthy and intersted in the study of audiovisual and digital arts and those relating to the technology applied to the healthcare sector.  

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