to Milan Marathon 2018

posted on  11.12.2019

Only if we can define relationships with people and understand their emotions, can technology help us improve our lives. It is impossible to innovate without working as a team when looking for solutions that improve our health, our livesand our hearts. This is the VISION that accompanies us in all our projects and in particualr in the new project which we are undertaking for 2020, which will see findtheorange collaborating with the CHT (Centre for Health Technologies) at the University of Pavia.


All moneis raised during the 2020 Milan Marathon as well as from all our other fundraising activities, will supported our project to fund a research scholarship for the project "Biomecchanical models for assessing the risk of sudden death due to coronary anomalies"; anomalies which are in most cases asymptomatic and therefore unknown to their carriers but which when they manifest, as in the case of young athletes, can result in sudden death.


Our target is to finance a three year doctorate and we're sure that with your help we'll succeed.


This is our 2020 Vision!

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